Va-Sohn was in the city New Kree-Lar investigating the disappearance of her brother, Mar-Sohn, when her planet was bombarded by the phenomenon known as the White Event. After it passed, Va-Sohn was completely transformed into Kree-Pama's Starbrand. [1]

Due to the absence of a Spitfire, the entity which would provide a counterforce to Starbrand's powers, the first thing she did with her newly acquired powers was to kill her brother and Trrunk, stating that all she needed was the intelligence Cipher could provide. [1]

Va-Sohn (Earth-616) from Starbrand & Nightmask Vol 1 6 001

Starbrand vs Starbrand

Stating that the best defence is a good offence, and knowing that Tarnax VII was the base for Super-Skrulls' training camps, Va-Sohn destroyed the entire planet. After doing so, she and Joras-Kyl were teleported to Starbrand's Structure by Libra so that both she and Kevin would fight.

However, they are unable to fight, as a fail-safe in the Starbrand power causes them to become attracted to one another and kiss. Because of this, they call off the fight and Va-Sohn agrees not to attack any more worlds, as Kevin would be there to "make things cosmically awkward". Therefore, Va-sohn and Joras-Kyl are returned to their homeworld to reconsider their options.[2]

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