vaRikk was a Lieutenant in the Majesdanian army. He was a member of the Light Brigade the most Elite Military group of Majesdane. They had many moon bases, and are possibly among the only survivors of the Majesdanians, including civilians who may have been present on the moon, when the Skrull destroyed their home-world. A group of the Light Brigade had come into conflict with the Runaways, as Karolina Dean's father is to blame for the destruction of Majesdane. In order to bring about justice, they took Karolina to be tried for the crimes of her fathers. They seem to have not yet discover that it was indeed Xavin who took the place of Karolina.


Because of his Majesdanian physiology, vaRikk has powers common to others of his species including:

  • Solar Energy Manipulation: He is able to absorb solar radiation and convert it into a unique energy type which he can manipulate for various uses. vaRikk's powers, like all Majesdanians, are stronger related to her exposure to sunlight.[1][2] Solar energy is stored in every cell of his body.
    • Bioluminescent: In his natural state, vaRikk's skin and hair are luminescent with a shimmering, rainbow-colored light of solar radiation. vaRikk is able to suppress this ability through his training on Majesdane.[3]
    • Light Energy Blasts: vaRikk can also project the solar energy into a beam of variable intensity and diameter, from a wide concussive blast to a thin laser-like cutting beam.[4]
    • Force Fields: vaRikk can control the projected energy to a limited degree forming defensive/protective shields/barriers.[5]
    • Heat Resistance: vaRikk can both withstand extremely high temperatures and emit warmth.
    • Flight: vaRikk is able to propel himself into the air leaving a rainbow-like trail behind. He is also able to carry others while flying.[4]


Solar Energy Dependent: Excessive use of his powers drains his stored solar energy reserves. In daylight, the depletion is negligible given that he is constantly replacing the used energy. However, at night, it is possible for vaRikk to completely use up his stored energy and not have access to any special abilities until he is exposed to sunlight.


Power Suppression: His powers can also be suppressed through contact with some specific metallic materials.


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