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Using his powers to get served


Val-Or was a Moloid born with special gifts: In a society with no-speaking communication, he was able to communicate through the minds for his fellow moloids to satisfy his desires.

He ascended then as the leader of a tribe composed of Moloids, Tyrannoids, Lava Men and monsters, but found difficulty in separating himself from others' thoughts.

Evolutionary War

When the High Evolutionary started his Evolutionary War, sending his Purifiers to eradicate the dead end he saw in the Subterraneans by forced mass sterilizations, Val-Or sensed the menace and fear from it, unknowing the nature of the threat, until the Purifiers finally came to his tribe, where they faced great resistance due to Val-Or's empathic control.

Wounded during the fight, he generated a powerful both vocal and psychic scream, heard from many sensitive entities including the High Evolutionary, Caliban (Apocalypse's hound at this time), Psylocke, Artie Maddicks, Doctor Druid, Phoenix (Rachel Summers), Franklin Richards, the White Queen and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey).

X-Factor went to investigate in the subjects in Subterranea. The mutants heroes first clashed with the Moloids, but managed to engage talk with Val-Or, and fought side by side against the Gatherers and Purifiers. Those especially targeted Val-Or, since they had understood his powers.

Meanwhile, Apocalypse, informed of this mutant existence by Caliban, went to confront the High Evolutionary in order to make him stop his raid against the Subterraneans, as this mutant was a proof that they weren't a dead end, but Wyndham refused to see this truth, considering that this moloid mutant himself was too primal. The two evolutionists witnessed the fight.

At some point in the battle, Val-Or was almost to be executed, but managed to defeat his opponent, rallied his tribe and battled more ferociously than ever. As Apocalypse left, satisfied to see the fittest defeating the weak, the High Evolutionary teleported away his troops.

Beast offered membership into X-Factor to Val-Or, who denied friendly, wanting to use his gifts for the good of his own kind.[1]


Val-Or (Earth-616) from X-Factor Annual Vol 1 3 0002

Val-Or empathic control

  • Telepathy/Empathy: Val-Or has manifested a mixed form of empathy and primitive telepathy, although powerful, with the following abilities:
    • Telepathy: Val-Or can read minds and project their thoughts to others. He is also able to communicate with his fellow moloids by emitting emotions and pictures.
    • Empathy: Val-Or transmit his feelings, to the people whom he connect. He is also able to project
    • Telepathic Tracking: Val-Or have psionic senses enable him to detect and track other sentient beings by their unique psionic emanations or thought patterns.
    • Empathic Mind Control: Val-Or has the ability to partially control the minds of others instinctively or in his will.

His powers were limited to "sensitives" such as the Subterraneans or Jean Grey, and he was quickly able to communicate (still telepathically) with non-sensitive (such as Beast) using words.


A lack of control over his powers and emotions made him to have his followers and himself very fluctuate on their actions during fights.

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