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Valentine Vuong is the most-common alias used by a high-ranking member of the Atelier assassins guild. A mutant with chemokinetic powers, Valentine refused Krakoan citizenship -- though Sage suspects they may have visited the island under another alias.[1]

When Deadpool and Lady Deathstrike applied for membership to the Atelier and were assigned to assassinate Doctor Octopus, Valentine posed as a mere handler and was seemingly smitten with Deadpool when he complemented their syringe-fingers.[2] When Deadpool was captured by Harrower and implanted with a clone of the Carnage symbiote, Valentine gave him shelter despite an order from the Horned Emperor to turn both Wade and Yuriko away for failing their mission.[3] Deeming Wade and his new symbiote -- which was eating him from the inside out -- an interesting test subject, Valentine synthesized a Symbiote Inhibitor serum to keep the symbiote docile and invited him on a date to test the serum's effectiveness.[4]

While at the Metropolitan Zoo, Wade and Valentine were attacked by Doctor Octopus, the Harrower, and Lady Deathstrike. Stealing one of Wade's guns, Valentine wounded Doc Ock but had one of their glass arms shattered when pushing Deadpool to safety and was strangled into unconsciousness by Doc Ock. Regaining consciousness to find that Deadpool had been taken and Lady Deathstrike killed, Valentine resurrected Yuriko and pulled rank when she refused to help them rescue Deadpool, cheerfully revealing that the serum they'd used to revive her contained a poison that would slowly and painfully kill her unless she was given the antidote.[1]

Valentine successfully rescued Deadpool with the help of Lady Deathstrike and Deadpool's clone of the Carnage symbiote, which manifested as a giant hyena that Deadpool -- who mistook it for a dog -- dubbed Princess.[5] Furious, the Horned Emperor dispatched the assassins of the Atelier to kill Deadpool and Valentine,[5] leading to a battle in which most of the members of the assassin guild were killed.[6] Up to the conflict to deal with the Horned Emperor, Deadpool realizing that they had been using him to attain this goal and had manipulated all the events he'd been through to set up this outcome. Heartbroken at having been used, Deadpool demanded to know if it was all a lie. Valentine admitted they'd set out to use him to usurp control of the Atelier, but they hadn't expected to genuinely fall in love with him.[7] When the Horned Emperor attempted to deal with them personally, Valentine struck a fatal blow, but in the process, started being possessed by the Horned Emperor, as anyone who killed the Horned Emperor would become the Horned Emperor themselves.

Valentine was almost overrun by the Emperor, but Deadpool was able to talk them out from losing control of themself while he would reaffirm his love and relationship with them. However, a few weeks later, Valentine broke up with Deadpool, seeing that he was a terrible partner.[8]


Cheerful and kind on the surface, Valentine Vuong has a mischievous and more than a little sadistic streak -- sporting a cruel smile while experimenting on Deadpool and his symbiote, grinning at Deadpool's half-joke about his symbiote going berserk and eating children, and disobeying the Metropolitan Zoo's warning not to taunt the chimpanzees by smiling at them.[3][4] It is unclear whether their feelings for Deadpool are genuine or they just see him as an interesting test subject, as they delighted in flirting with Deadpool during their zoo date but declared him their property while blackmailing Lady Deathstrike into helping rescue him.[4][1] They would ultimately admit that while they started out initially using Deadpool for their schemes, they ended up genuinely falling in love with Wade, Valentine even admitted that it was so easy for them to do so because of how Wade treated them like a normal human being instead of a weapon or a killer. This shows Valentine having maintained a desire for romance and intimacy despite everything and were caught off-guard by Wade being so openly forward and affectionate.[7]



  • Chemokinesis: Valentine is able to synthesize any chemical they can imagine within their body, and inject it using their syringe-like fingers.[4]


  • Glass Arms: Valentine's arms appear to be prosthetics, or at least made of living glass, and can be shattered by a powerful-enough blow. This is painful for them, though their arms are able to be repaired and reattached.[1]



Valentine can use their syringe-like fingers to inject a target with any chemical substance they can imagine, including poisons tailored to their biology.[1]


  • Valentine's last name Vuong is based off the poet Ocean Vuong.[9]

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