Millonaire businesswoman Valeria Colon believed her husband Ferraro died run over by a panicked driver during Spider-Man's first battle against the Vulture. In reality, he was secretly alive, and went on to operate in New Jersey as a mobster nicknamed "el Tenor."

Years following her husband's alleged death, Valeria discovered Peter Parker had photographed the fight against the Vulture, and hoped its negatives could provide clues about Ferraro's death. After contacting Parker and being told that the negatives where in the Daily Bugle archives in Jersey, Valeria hired Deadpool to get her the negatives.

Following an encounter with Spider-Man and Slapstick, the latter having been hired by another party to retrieve the same negatives, Deadpool met up with Valeria to give her the negatives, which turned out to be fakes created by Slapstick while he delivered the real negative to his client, el Tenor.[1]

Spider-Man and Deadpool pursued el Tenor, and before they invaded his house, Spider-Man called Valeria to inform her about his suspicion that el Tenor was Ferraro. Valeria insisted in visiting el Tenor herself, and confronted him when she and Spider-Man arrived to his house, with Ferraro admitting that he had faked his death to escape from his controlling wife. Spider-Man protected Valeria when el Tenor's men attacked them. Ferraro was ultimately defeated by Slapstick, who had just escaped captivity after having been kidnapped by el Tenor. Valeria promised to pursue legal action against her husband.[1]

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