Valeria Richards hailed from a world where her parents went to war with each other. Sue Storm became the Empress Hydra, planning to dominate the world, while Reed Richards supported a small rebellion against her efforts. With the help of the dimension-hopping Exiles, the Empress Hydra was defeated and the apparently dead human race was restored, thanks to Richards' ingenuity.[1]

Valeria later took it upon herself to track down the Exiles, hoping to join their ranks.[2]


Plasticity: Like her father Valeria possesses the ability to convert the mass of her entire body into a highly malleable state at will allowing her to extend her limbs to great distances.[citation needed]

Psionic Force Fields: Like her mother Valeria is able to project and manipulate a field of psionic force which she can use both defensively and offensively.[citation needed]


Genius class Intelligence: Valeria is extremely intelligent, possessing an intellect on a par with her father.[citation needed]

  • She has a secret attraction for her fellow Exile Gambit, who unknown to her was her genetic half-brother from another reality.
  • This Valeria's costume's appearance is similar to her Earth-9809 counterpart.

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