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Valeria Richards was the daughter of Reed Richards and Susan Storm.

At some point, Valeria was bio-reengineered and conditionated to be Kang's perfect mate, Ravonna Renslayer, by Doctor Doom, who had been obssessed with the idea of merging with Kang and Annihilus for years thanks to the Council of Dooms. As Ravonna, Valeria was sent after Kang to suggest the merger to him. However, instead of going after his adult version, Valeria approached an younger version of him, Kid Immortus, planning to make the merger happen sooner than it was meant to be for an adult Doom the Annihilating Conqueror would be too powerful to be defeat. With the Annihilating Conqueror defeated, Doom would never consider merging with Kang and Annihilus again.[1]

After Doom and his allies were defeated by the Future Foundation, "Ravonna" returned to the Timestream with Kid Immortus, planning to take revenge on him.[1]

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