Valerie was the daughter of Sprocket and Cardinal, conceived during a one night stand in Rhodesia during their days as mercenaries. Valerie never knew her father and did not get along with her mother.[1]

As soon as Valerie got old enough she joined the Air Force where she served with distinction as a pilot. Valerie was raped by her commanding officer and later paralyzed him in retaliation. Valerie was given the opportunity to expunge her criminal record by testing the experimental Meteorite suit which was based on Alpha Flight member Windshear's hard air powers.[2]

When the Thunderbolts disbanded, the Redeemers remained in action on behalf of the CSA.[3] Meteorite and her team traveled to Counter-Earth[4] and fought Humus Sapien.[5] Valerie was killed during the Redeemers' fight with Graviton when he unshackled her from Earth's gravitational pull, launching her into space to suffocate.[6]

S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually recovered her body and Sprocket has a DNA test done on the body to confirm Valerie's paternity. Sprocket visits Cardinal in jail and explains why she never told him he had a daughter.[1] The Crimson Cowl later convinces Cardinal that Valerie's death was Hawkeye's fault and Cardinal swears revenge. Later Cardinal admits to himself that Valerie's death isn't Hawkeye's fault and returns to prison with Abner Jenkins.[7]


Wears flight suit with an "Alpha-32" hard air sheath that provides protection and can be used as a battering ram.

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