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Born to a psychologist mother who was compelled to seek controlling men, and an extremely controlling father who divorced quickly after her brother's birth, Valerie was forced to care for herself and her brother after her father drove her mother to depression via the divorce proceedings. Desperately seeking a new man to fill the void, Valerie's mother eventually married a doctor with control issues who constantly beat Valerie and her brother when they failed to obey his will. Though Valerie attempted to get the police to help her, they refused to listen to her due to his connections and her mother's use of psychology to make Valerie appear to be a liar. When her step-father realized he couldn't break Valerie's brother, he sent him away to boarding school. Attempting to run away from home, Valerie was caught by a police officer friend of her step-father's who threatened to take her back if he didn't "play nice" with him. Refusing to cooperate, she was taken back home where her father beat her until her powers first manifested. Realizing he couldn't control her, he sent her to an all-girl boarding school. Initially happy to be away from her step-father, she quickly found the teachers in her new school to be just as abusive as him. Eventually overwhelmed by the pressures of the school, her powers erupted explosively, setting the school ablaze. In the conflagration, she ran away, eventually found her way to the streets of San Francisco[2] and was recruited by Plug into the group that would become known as the Freex[3].



Steam Plasma: Pressure is able to convert her sweat into steam or even superheated plasma and shoot it from her hands.

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