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In the Asgardian afterlife, Valhala was the place to where heroes and honored dead went.[2] Currently hidden in Niffleheim,[1] Valhalla was originally a special region of Asgard.[2]

After Odin sacrificed his life to give Thor the full Odinforce,[3] his spirit crossed to Valhalla. However, Odin found that the gates were destroyed and the halls empty.[4]

Alternate Universe Versions

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

On this world, Thor died and became a captive of Valhalla.[5] He made a bargain with Valhalla's ruler, Hela, that she would release him from Valhalla if he fathered a child with her. Thor, somewhat reluctantly, performed this task. After the fact, Thor demanded to be released, but Hela informed him that another must die to take his place. This occurred when Thor's romantic interest Barbara Norriss fell in battle. Thor returned to Earth and Barbara Norriss was transformed into Valhalla's Valkyrie.[6]

Later, apparently due to being the only survivor of Asgard, Thor became Valhalla, which gave him the ability to communicate with fallen Asgardians, such as Odin and Loki.[7]




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