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Allegedly the son of Gaea,[4] and creator of mankind,[5] Valka was one of the first new gods worshiped on Earth.[6]

He helped humanity repel horrific elder gods and demons, such as Yagotha and the Old Ones,[7] or the Dweller-in-Darkness.[4]

Worshiped by many of the major cultures in the Pre-Cataclysmic Age (Picts, Atlanteans and Valusians),[8] his worship kept on into the modern age, at least in the city of Opar, a remnant outpost of Atlantis, where its people mentioned Valka in ancient incantations.[3]



Valka was one of the first new gods (following the Elder Gods) worshiped on Earth.[6] He was allegedly the creator of Man,[5] like many other deities stated to be as well.

He was allegedly the son of the Earth goddess Gaea.[4]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

30,000 B.C.

About 30,000 B.C, Valka achieved prominence, which lasted at least 12,000 years.[6]

He was known as the God of all Gods,[2] was considered the Chief deity of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age,[8] and was part of the Council of Godheads.[6]

His name was invoked by Pict, Atlantean and Valusian alike.[8] and one of the gods of the Empire of Atlantis to which many virgins were sacrificed on their altars.[9]

Circa 28,500 BC or before[10], in the hills of Zalgara, a sorcerer sacrificed seven goats to Yagotha in the name of the Black Beast of Hell with its Thousand Young, in order to make Yagotha turn the key holding the Old Ones away from Earth's plane. Though the sorcerer was killed, the summoning was a success, and an icy horror,[7] Yagotha himself,[11] came to Earth to prepare the planet for the Old Ones, turning Zalgara into a frozen waste. Valka assisted a hero whose name was forgotten into defeating Yagotha and forcing him into retreat. Yagotha then turned the key and closed the Gate upon the Old Ones.[7]

18,000 B.C.

Valka granted Zhered-Na visions of the future.[12]

By the time of Great Cataclysm, he was called Valka-Pkor by the looter Donnar.[1]

Modern Age

The people of the city of Opar, a remnant outpost of the Empire of Atlantis, possibly worshiped Valka, which was part of an ancient incantation in a ceremony involving human sacrifice.[3] It is unknown if Valka was the Flaming God they worshiped.



During a spell incantation, Valka was described as all-powerful.[13]



  • Valka is the name of a town in Latvia.[14] It is unknown if it was the basis for Howard's character.

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