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Appearing in "At the End of All Things: Part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Heimdall (Referenced)
  • Øde (Mentioned) (Only in flashback)
  • Freyja (Invoked) (Only in flashback)
  • Jane's parents (Mentioned) (Only in flashback)
  • Valkyrior (Referenced)
  • Archibald (First appearance) (Only in flashback)
  • King Loki
  • Drrf

Races and Species:




Synopsis for "At the End of All Things: Part 3"

Facing off against the Røkkva, Lady Sif - guardian of the Bifrost - fires a beam of divine energy from Hofund and shouts that the Rainbow Bridge is closed to it. Horrified to see Tyr Odinson and All-Father Thor emerge from the cloud of antilife, Sif nevertheless fights with all her might but is overpowered and corrupted.

Ten minutes earlier, Volstagg remarks that he's heard of King Øde and the Røkkva, but only through an old Frost Giant war-ballad. Taking note of Jane's discomfort, Volstagg remarks that no-one would think ill of her for abstaining from the coming battle, but she refuses - begrudgingly admitting that she has no clue how she'll prepare Asgard for the coming threat. When Volstagg expresses concern for her, she remarks that when she was a child she'd pester everyone she knew about what was beyond the universe and was always told there was nothing, but that she didn't understand. Jane remarks that the Røkkva is that nothing, an embodiment of non-existence more terrifying than anything she's ever faced before. Volstagg asks if she fought the Røkkva already, but Jane replies that it was just the dregs left in Øde's corpse - which nearly destroyed Midgard and almost killed her. In the courtyard below, Mr. Horse scoffs at the snooty Asgardian flying horses only to notice Thori growling at him. When Mr. Horse asks what he wants, Thori snarls that if Mr. Horse ever hurts Jane he'll kill him, starting with his pretty wings; Mr. Horse objecting to being called pretty. Taking Jane to the armory, Volstagg attempts to cheer her up with bad puns; Jane lamenting that Undrjarn had made her feel like she belonged among the gods, and that without it she's just a weak, defenseless mortal. As Jane dons a suit of armor, the Gjallerhorn sounds as Tyr and Thor arrive - Jane sensing that Undrjarn is near.

As Tyr ascends the Bifrost, he gazes upon Asgard with nothing but hatred and rage in his heart - the Røkkva beginning to corrupt him as it had Øde countless eons ago. His voice distorted, he declares that he has come to claim his rightful place as All-Father only to be interrupted by Hildegarde, Hogun, and Fandral; the former addressing Thor and saying they prepared a royal reception for him. Not even noticing that the twisted love he'd felt for Asgard has been corroded, Tyr sneers that as Thor is under his control, he is the All-Father now. Backed by Asgard's military, Hildegard snaps that they're sick of Tyr's petty sibling rivalry, demanding that he lift his curse and free the All-Father, but Tyr sneers that he knows the language of Asgard better than anyone. As Hildegard leads a charge, Tyr commands the Røkkva to attack them - not comprehending that the antilife entity is not on his side. Fearful of the cleansing light of the white wood, Tyr hides in the Røkkva's darkness and unwittingly facilitates its corruption of him just as Øde had done in an age before the gods. Thori bounds towards Thor only to be blasted by dark lightning, whimpering to Jane that his master tried to murder him. Jane comforts the Helhound, saying that Thor isn't in control of himself and that Tyr is meddling with forces he can't begin to comprehend. As Tyr corrupts most of the warriors, Jane tells Volstagg that the Røkkva can't be controlled and that it will eventually consume Tyr and destroy everything unless they get Undrjarn back. Volstagg offers to sacrifice himself so that Jane can get to Tyr, but she tells him that this battle can't be won by muscles and strength of arms. Volstagg retorts that fighting is what the Asgardians do - lamenting how corny the line sounds - before charging into battle wishing he'd had a bigger breakfast.

As Volstagg battles the corrupted Thor, Thori stops the corrupted Hildegarde from attacking Jane and Mr. Horse. Shouting at Jane to jump as he soars over Tyr, Mr. Horse is blackened by the Røkkva. As Jane duels Tyr, she thinks to herself she would rather die than be corrupted into one of his soldiers. Enraged by the insolence of a mere mortal challenging a mighty god like himself, Tyr stabs her with Undrjarn and sneers that she will die by her own weapon. Grabbing the white wood spear impaling her, Jane reclaims Undrjarn and transforms back into Valkyrie; Tyr grousing that he should have stabbed her with something else. Drawing a dagger behind his back, Tyr sneers that it doesn't matter: the Røkkva will consume her and then the world. Snapping at him to stop before he dooms everyone, Valkyre knocks him to the ground with her spear. Tyr escaping into the shadows, and Valkyrie unleashes the full power of Undrjarn's white wood form to constrain the Røkkva. For a moment, Valkyrie is tempted by the endless power of both the Røkkva and the white wood, but chastises herself for even considering it - having seen that absolute power of any form is ultimately corruptive. Valkyrie frees the blackened Asgardians from the Røkkva's corruption - though doing so costs Asgard seventeen days of sunlight - and compacts the Røkkva into a small sphere.

Volstagg marvels at Valkyrie managing to subdue the Røkkva, Thori asking if he can eat it before being told no. As Volstagg asks Thor if what he remembers - falsely claiming to have soundly beaten Thor in single combat - Thor remarks that while he remembers what happened it doesn't feel like he lived it. Valkyrie says that he didn't live it, her voice resonating with limitless power. Thor declares his intent to bring Tyr to justice, Valkyrie preparing to set out to return the Røkkva to its prison. As she departs, Thor asks if she really would have killed him, Valkyrie replying that she would have in order to save the world, but that doing so would have destroyed her.

In Jotunheim, Loki stands over the unconscious Tyr alongside Darf, wondering how it is that his foster brother manages to traverse the Ten Realms. Spotting Jane in the distance, Loki notes that she's returning the Røkkva to its prison, before declaring his intent to interrogate Tyr and learn all the secrets he uncovered in Valhalla.

As Jane escorts the Røkkva into the mountains, Jane feels a twinge of pity for it as she seals it back into its tomb and addresses it, saying she'll see it again during Ragnarok; though the Røkkva doesn't reply. In the coming weeks, Jane is haunted by the unanswerable questions of what she could have learned or become by giving in to the Light, and whether she made the right call giving that awesome power up.

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The Røkkva, the end of all life, has come to the home of the gods — aided by Thor’s own brother Tyr in a mad quest for power. But by the time the Røkkva is done, there’ll be no throne to claim. Can the Valkyrie and her All-Weapon win against a force older than the gods themselves?


  • Physical publication of this issue was temporarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it was instead released digitally.[1] It was later released in physical format on August 19, 2020.[2]

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