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Axe, Brunnhilda, Doom Maidens, Fatal Sisters, Freya, Gerda, Grimgerta, Hildegarde, Krista, Leita, Mist, Pruda, Rossveissa, Rota, Skeggjold, Skuld, Sygnet, Valtrauta
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Warrior Godesses formed to bring souls to Valhalla
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The Valkyries are female demigodesses who choose worthy souls and conduct them to Valhalla. Worthy in this case typically means getting killed honorably in battle. Those rejected by the Valkyries go to realm of the dead called Hel which is ruled by Hela. Their name literally means choosers of the slain. They ride horses or wolves, and their brilliant armor causes the aurora borealis.[citation needed]

Originally they took mortally wounded human heroes from German and Scandinavian battlegrounds and brought them to Valhalla, an area of the Asgardian dimension where the astral forms of dead Asgardians and human heroes eternally feast and compete in friendly battles.[citation needed]
Valkyries (Earth-616) and Megingjord from Journey Into Mystery Vol 1 91 0001

The Valkyries' first appearance; Art by Joe Sinnott

Allegedly, the Valkyrior were kinswomen to Lilith.[3]

The Valkyries consist of nine Warrior goddesses of Asgard who ride winged horses. Originally, under the leadership of Brunnhilda, they took mortally wounded human heroes battlegrounds and brought them to Valhalla. The Valkyries were no longer able to perform this task when Odin, ruler of Asgard, vowed to the Celestials a millennium ago that he would severely restrict Asgardian contact with Earth.[citation needed]

In recent years Brunnhilda became a member of Earth's superhero team known as the Defenders. The remaining Valkyries were killed in a war between Odin and Hela over rulership of Valhalla. Odin restored the Valkyries to life after he regained possession of Valhalla, but these Valkyries only have physical form within Valhalla; outside it, they exist only in astral form. Valtrauta has taken Brunnhilda's place as the leader of the Valkyrior, and Hildegarde's sister Krista has filled the role of the ninth Valkyrie, left open since Brunnhilda's departure.[citation needed]

War of the Realms

Due to unknown reasons, the Valkyrior were all resurrected and able to pass into the real world again. They assisted Odin in a battle against Malekith and his armies. However, without any help from superheroes, they were all slain in battle. Brunnhilde was the last Valkyrie to fall. [4]

Powers and Abilities

Power: The Valkyrior have inherent mystical powers allowing them to perceive supernatural phenomenon, especially to see astral spirits (ghosts) and sense when mortal beings are near death; a perception that appears as a glow around the form of a person about to die. Beyond Asgard, they appear only as shades (astral forms). They are extra-ordinary warriors wielding swords and shields and usually transport themselves aloft on winged horses which attain an astral form with them beyond Asgard.[citation needed]
Abilities: Odin granted the Valkyrior the ability to traverse the nine realms unhindered by physical boundaries that they might ferry the spirits of the noblest warriors into Valhalla.
Strength: The Valkyrior possesses the conventional attributes of the Asgardian gods including superhuman strength (Class 40), stamina, resistance to injury and long life enchantments.[citation needed]


Equipment: The Valkyries wear Uru armor which protects them from harm.[citation needed]
Transportation: They usually transport themselves aloft on winged horses which attain an astral form with them beyond Asgard.[citation needed]
Weapons: Each of the Valkyrie carries a sword.[citation needed]

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