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Valtorr ruled his dimension, the Veils of Valtorr, a gloomy place of vapor and decay set within the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption (or "Splinter Realms").

The High Seers of Nox (themselves part of the Lords of the Splinter Realms),[3] are his vassals from their pocket dimension, and gaze into Valtorr's noxious vapors to see possible futures.[4]

Powers and Abilities


Power bestowal: As a mystic principality, Valtorr bestow his powers upon invocations of his name:

  • Spells Invoking Valtorr Vipers of Valtorr, (Dark) Vapors of Valtorr.
    • The Vapors of Valtorr often appear as a mist that can surround and imprison enemies, or simply act as an obscuring fog. They have also been used to produce lightning to strike at strike enemies, appearing as more like a miniaturised storm cloud, similar to the Rains of Raggadorr.

He also emit noxious vapors that can be used to see possible futures.[4]




  • Dr. Strange once used the phrase “To breathe the final Vapors of Valtorr” as a metaphor for death.[citation needed]

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