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Valusia was a kingdom of Thuria during the Pre-Cataclysmic Era,[citation needed] ruled by King Kull circa 18,500 BC.[citation needed]

It was bordered (clockwise) at west and north by the Western Ocean, at northeast by Thule, at east by Zarfhaana and Kamelia, and at south by Verulia and Farsun (Valusia ruled over the whole of the western coast, with a narrow territory in the mountains at south, bordering Farsun by west).[4]

Prior to human rule, it belonged to the serpent-folk.[1]

It was considered one of the Seven Empires.[5][6][7][8]


Elder Days

The Serpent-Men ruled over Valusia.[1]

Pre-Cataclysmic Age

True men, ancestors of the Valusians, came from the East, crossing the Camoonian Desert and the Hills of Zalgara, and conquered Valusia from the serpent-folk. A few of those survived, went into hiding, plotting their way to reclaim their power.[1]

Unnamed king's rule

A legend among the Sea-Mountain Tribe mentioned a Valusian king, ambushed by Atlanteans, slain by Gandaro of the Spear and who turned into a Serpent-Man upon his death.[9]

25,500 BC

Circa 28,500 BC or before[10], in the hills of Zalgara in the middle of summer, an unnamed sorcerer sacrificied seven goats (with Tyre's goat, Devil Butt, last), in the name of the Black Beast of Hell with its Thousand Young, to Yagotha, to make him turn the key holding the Old Ones, intending to have them do his binding. Though the sorcerer was killed, the summoning was a success and an icy horror,[11] Yagotha himself,[12] came to Earth's dimension to prepare the planet for the Old Ones,[11] turning Zalgara into frozen waste,[12] until it was defeated into retreat by a hero whose name was forgotten. Yagotha then turned the key, closing the Gate upon the Old Ones.[11]

19,500 BC: Eallal's rule

A thousand years before Kull, King Eallal ruled over Valusia, until he was found hideously murdered in his throne room, killed by a Serpent-Man.[9]

18,500 BC

Borna's rule

King Borna was a tyrant. Ridondo, Kaanuub, Enaros and Ducalon conspired against him, Ridondo having approached Kull (an Atlantean barbarian that had ascended as commander of the Black Legion), and made him favor Kaanuub as king.

Ridondo then pretended to Kull that he had heard Borna planning to abolish the Black Legion due to the threat it could pose to his power. Kull bought it and went to confront his king. Kull managed to slay Borna, and before Kaanuub could do it, claimed the crown for himself.[13]

Kull's rule

After Kull used the amulet of Ka to restore Gallus' life and accidentally summoned the death in the orchards of Valusia, the king decided to throw off into the sea the magic item, thinking it was never meant for mortal keeping.[14]

Maxmelle, a Valusian knight, was attacked by a horde of savages and inadvertently saved by a shepherd-boy named Sedrick: the grateful knight then took him to the City of Wonders as his new squire.[15]

18,000 BC

Great Cataclysm
For a full presentation of the event, please consult the Great Cataclysm page.

The large Pictish colony in the southern mountains survived the Cataclysm, and would form the basis of the Hyborian Age Picts.[16]


Due to the statement that the Hyborian Kingdoms of Koth, Ophir, and Corinthia "regained their independence with the fall of the empire" of Acheron, a theory asserted that those three kingdoms may had not been founded by the Hyborians (unlikely to have dominated those kingdoms at the dawn of Acheron), but by refugees from Valusia, Thurania, and Zarfhaana, rebuilding their culture while the Hyborians were still in the Far North.[17]



The local population of Serpent-Folk worshiped the dread god Sligguth.[18]

Valka was the god of all gods,[19] worshiped in Valusia by 28,500 BC.[11] Hotath was another frequently invoked god.[20]

The Scorpion God was a near-forgotten god, and by 18,500 BC, its temple fell into ruins,[21] while it was considered as god remembered by children and women in Thuron's mountain city.[19]

The Annunaki were worshiped at least since circa 19,000 BC in Atlantis and Valusia,[22][23] and circa 18,500 BC, Anu was worshiped in the city of Ostium, though seen as a cult by King Kull.[24]

Multiple other cults and worships were witnessed circa 18,500 BC:

Vramma was a demon[27] and a god[3] frequently invoked,[28][29] though Gonar the Pict stated that Vramma was unknown to most Valusians.[3]


Quote1.png But here in Valusia, we have civilization, King Kull, and here slavery is the basis of our social labor. Quote2.png

It was a slavery-based civilized land.[24]

Politics and Laws

Valusia was governed by the King, along with the Royal Court (the king's privy council). The legislative power was held by the Senate.[24]

Points of Interest

  • Ostium - Northern sea-port
  • Northern Shore - Barony
  • City of Wonders ("Valusia", the "City of Crystal") - Capital
  • Southern mountains
  • Mountain city of Thuron, on the outer fringes of Valusia
  • Blaal - Barony[30]
  • Komahar - province[31]
  • Hills of Zalgara - Mountainous land of hills in eastern Valusia, marking the eastern and part of the northern border of Valusia.

The Camoonian Deserts were a wasteland separating Valusia from Zarfhaana.[33]



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