Not much is known about the criminal known as the Vampire. He has clashed on a number of occasions with the 1940's hero Mr. E, however only one of their clashes has ever been recorded. In that encounter, the Vampire was forcing the stake holders of Snead Oil Inc to pay him a large ransom and then murdering them with a special drug that made it look like a heart attack so as not to reveal his involvement. However, Mr. E would deduce this and attempt to stop the Vampire from bribing Mr. Snead himself into paying a ransom in exchange for his daughters safety.

However the Vampire would get the drop on Mr. E and capture him, then attempt to force Snead to not only pay his ransom, but turn over his entire oil company. Deciding to murder the wealthy man, the Vampire would then intend to force his daughter to marry him, however Mr. E would break free and clash with the villain. When the authorities would arrive the Vampire would flee into the night.[1] While Mr. E expected to see his foe again, to date no further encounters have been recorded.

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[2]
Energy Projection6
Fighting Skills2


It is unknown if the Vampire was a true vampire or only adopted the name as an intimidation factor.


The Vampire was a skilled chemist and scientist, having devised a gas that could cause its victims' hearts to explode (perhaps actually inducing spontaneous aneurysmal rupture).

Physical Strength

He possessed exceptional, though not superhuman, strength.



The Vampire employed a drug that would make whoever ingested it suffer a heart attack. The drug itself was untraceable by 1940s medical standards. He also used other drugs and various traps, as well as a conventional handgun when needed.

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