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Vampires Appendix:

Amenhotep Profile

Aqueos (Atlantean vampires) Profile

Baron Blood (Falsworth) Profile

Baron Blood (Crichton) Profile

Baroness Blood Profile

Black Baron Profile

Blade Profile

Nicholas Bordia Profile

Lucas Brand Profile

Lucas Cross Profile

Draconis Profile

Dracula Profile

Frank Drake Profile

Deacon Frost Profile

Edith Harker Profile

Quincy Harker Profile

Harold H. Harold Profile

Hellcow Profile

Janus Profile

Jubilee Profile

Hannibal King Profile

Lilith (Daughter of Dracula) Profile

Night Terror Profile

Nimrod the First Profile

Adri Nital Profile

Taj Nital Profile

Nocturne Profile

Nina Price Profile

Lord Ruthven Profile

Silvereye Profile

Spitfire (Falsworth) Profile

Victor Strange Profile

Thakorr Profile

Topher Profile

Torgo Profile

Tryks Profile

Turac Profile

Vampires Profile

Rachel van Helsing Profile

Varnae Profile

Varney Profile

Verdelet Profile

Lucy Westenra Profile

Xarus Profile


Solicit Synopsis

The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe takes a dark turn with this collection of all-new profiles! Featuring the vilest vampires (Dracula himself! Dracula’s children: Lilith, Janus and Xarus! Two Baron Bloods! Varnae, the first vampire!), the heroes that hunt them (Blade/Eric Brooks! Rachel Van Helsing! Hannibal King! Quincy Harker!), newly converted bloodsuckers (Spitfire/Jacqueline Falsworth! The X-Men’s Jubilee!) and an expanded profile on all Marvel’s vampires! Plus: the terror of the Hellcow!? With new images by Patrick Scherberger, Steve Kurth and Gus Vazquez!

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