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The being known to human wrestling fans as Vampiro is one of the 100 Eternals who were created on Earth by the First Host of the alien Celestials one million years ago, and has looked after humanity ever since.[1]

Almost nothing about this Eternal's life prior to recent years has been revealed. It is presumed that he took part in major events in Eternal history that supposedly involved (almost) all Eternals, including the Uranos War, the destruction of Titanos, and the war that led to the Titan Schism, events that occurred, respectively, 600, 500 and 200 millennia ago. However, his activities during these schisms has not been revealed.

After living on Earth for many years, this Eternal eventually married a human woman and began to make a career for himself as a professional wrestler known only as "El Vampiro." He was a crowd favorite because Vampiro never lost a contest but that changed when he faced an opponent who called himself El Toro Rojo. Soon into their match, Vampiro had realized El Toro Rojo harbored a secret of his own. He was part of the mortal, as well as Eternal-hating race called the Deviants. Their battle did not last long after that because Vampiro was gored by the horns of El Toro Rojo and had to be carried from the ring. Struggling to make it home under his own power, Vampiro almost fell from the sky when Thor caught him in mid-air. Vampiro told Thor of his troubles and invited him into his home. Shortly after, they were attacked by El Toro Rojo who, even though he knew Vampiro could not be killed, wanted to punish him some more. Thor immediately came to Vampiro's aid and fought El Toro Rojo until he unexpectedly transformed back into Doctor Donald Blake. Vampiro had a chance to repay the thunder god when he saved Blake's life by swooping in and rescuing him before he was smashed against a wall and killed. El Toro Rojo left his defeated foes, and Vampiro had a chance to recover while Thor agreed to hunt down his enemy before he could return. After the Asgardian defeated El Toro Rojo, Thor was under the impression that Vampiro and his wife would be long gone before El Toro Rojo could heal and plague him again.[2]

Years later, Vampiro resurfaced as a member of Druig's Eternals, fighting against Ikaris and his human allies, the mutant X-Men, in San Francisco. However, their battle was interrupted by the arrival of the alien Horde which caused the two sides to unite against the common threat. The rest of the Eternals joined the fight but Vampiro was killed by a Horde bug before the threat was neutralized.[3]

Months ago, after learning that the true purpose for which they had been created by the Celestials was not what they had thought it was, all of the Eternals were driven mad by the dark truth. In their madness, they either killed each other or committed suicide. Vampiro was presumably among those who died during this madness.[4]

Following this mass murder/suicide event, all of the Eternals were eventually resurrected by the Machine. "Vampiro" would have been one of them.[5]



Vampiro has superhuman strength, and the ability to fly under his own power. Vampiro has fangs like a traditional vampire, but it has yet to be revealed if he acts as a normal vampire. Vampiro presumably possesses the traditional powers that all Eternals possess.


Vampiro is a skilled wrestler.


  • Vampiro, Gilgamesh and the Delphan Brothers are the only Eternals who appeared in stories that were published before 2021 and are still known only by their aliases. However, while most of those aliases are on the complete list of all Eternals that was presented in Eternals (Vol. 5) #1, "Vampiro" does not appear on that list. This suggests that he must be listed by his true Eternal name which should be among the 44/45 new names (if one counts the six <Classified> names) that writer Kieron Gillen created to bring the number of Eternals up to one hundred. So far, which of those new names is this character's real name has not been established.

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