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Team of vampire twins


Vampz was a team consisting of Peter and Diane Staz, fraternal vampire twins were psychically linked. They were sent by Marie Leveau to kill Bible John. They tracked down John by following his ally the vampire hunter Blade.[1]

They fought Blade and used their psychic connection to overwhelm him. While Peter held off Blade, Diane attacked Bible John. However, Blade was able to escape Peter by breaking his jaw and took out Diane with a thrown dagger to the heart. Peter then had his back broken when Blade tackled him. Peter wanted to retreat by turning into mist, but Marie Laveau telepathically told him to stay so she could monitor the situation. Peter tried to make a deal with Blade: he would turn Bible John into a vampire as he was near death due to a fever and in return Blade would revive Diane by removing the dagger in her heart. Blade realized that Peter was planning to double-cross him and kill Bible John. So, he killed Peter.[1]

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