This dowsing rod was part of the arsenal of magical artifacts handed over through generations of the famous monster-hunter family, the Van Helsings. Its latest owner was Cami van Helsing, the last scion of the Van Helsing family. However, due to Cami's disinclination towards the family business, the dowsing rod and the arsenal were mostly abandoned. The most use Cami had given the rod was as a replacement leg of her broken kitchen table.

When Queen Shiklah of Monster Metropolis took over Manhattan with an army of monsters, her husband Deadpool came up with a plan to find Shiklah's ex-fiancé Dracula to stop her with his army of vampires. To this end, he asked Blade for any kind of artifact which could help him track down Dracula. Blade directed him to Cami and her dowsing rod. After finding Cami,[1] Deadpool and his ally Spider-Man used the dowsing rod as a compass to guide Orphan One,[2] flying to Latvia where they managed to find Dracula. Deadpool then broke the dowsing rod in half to use as a stake to threaten the vampire.[3]

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