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Justice first visited Brian van Patrick's organic food farm[1] to convince his son Michael to join the Initiative.[2]

Some time before, Yellowjacket and Baron von Blitzschlag landed there to bring a clone of MVP to his father in order to cover the Tactigon [[Avengers: The Initiative #1]|accident]] and the death of the real MVP.[3]

When Justice learn the truth about MVP's fate, he came to the farm with Cloud 9 to pay their respects, only to find "MVP" there "himself". Before they could extract an explanation for the presence of their supposedly dead comrade, they were called back to deal with the Hulk crisis.[1]

Exceeded of the lack of answers they were given, they returned some time later, only to find the place abandoned, angering Justice who blown apart the house in a TK burst.[4]


None. Formerly the van Patrick family:

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