Vanaheim was the westernmost of the nations of the far north, lying west of Aesgaard and north of Cimmeria and Pictland.

It comprised the western portion of the region called Nordheim.[2] It was a somber country, mostly a bleak tundra plain that was snow-covered through the long winters. Swampy taiga forests probably clothed its high southern regions thinly. Glaciers crept down from the Eiglophian Mountains in the south and the Blue Mountains on the frontier with Aesgaard. Far to the north were more mountains, crowned with a permanent ice cap that grew larger as the climate changed.[citation needed]

The resident population were the Vanir, typically red-haired and blue-eyed. They were a warrior culture. Their skills honed in near-constant conflict with their neighbors in Aesgard and Cimmeria.[2]


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