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A kingdom found on the coast of “the Northern islands” and renowned for its “fabled towers”, Vanaria apparently existed on what is modern day England. The kingdom was beset by the demonic Beast-God and maidens were left outside the city, tied to a tree as human sacrifices in hopes of placating it. An army of vandals intent upon invading Vanaria happened upon one such sacrifice, a young blond maiden, and their leader Beowulf slew the Beast-God after an extended battle. Welcomed into the kingdom as liberators, Beowulf and his men soon turned against the Vanarians and began sacking their homes. Beowulf himself slew the king to take his throne, which apparently drove the royal princess, Ulana, to take her own life, jumping from the castle walls into the surrounding moat.

In the following days, however, the Beast-God returned as a spectral being, still able to provoke madness in others. As such, Beowulf’s men were quickly whittled down as they were driven to battle one another to the death, until the Vanarians were able to turn upon Beowulf and take him captive. Either to dispose of their conqueror or worried that the monster would set upon them once again, the Vanarians tied Beowulf to the sacrificial tree outside the city’s walls. There, Beowulf was confronted by the princess, who apparently gifted him with a magic ring so he could again battle the Ghost-Beast, but it was also a trick to poison him.

Even freed of the monster’s wrath, the kingdom of Vanaria in time collapsed, the city’s remains falling into ruins which would further decay into dust, but still haunted by the spirit of Beowulf.[1]

Points of Interest

  • Royal Palace
  • Forest
    • Sacrificial tree



  • The story was described as taking place during the “dark centuries between the Final Cataclysm and the beginning of recorded history”, therefore Vanaria was presumably a Hyborian era kingdom.[citation needed]

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