In the year 3009, a version of Vance Astrovik resembling his counterpart from Earth-691 existed as Major Victory of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He met the 21st century Guardians when they arrived from the past with Starhawk. With the majority of space-time consumed by the Fault, the Guardians claimed a small outpost in what was left of Avengers Mansion, adrift in space without the Earth and protected by their technology.

After explaining the situation to their predecessors, Vance and the Guardians were attacked by the Badoon. The two teams of Guardians lay siege to the Celestial Engine, a web of Celestials apparently enslaved by the Badoon using a Cosmic Cube to sustain a star in what was left of the universe. The Guardians' telepaths sent a psychic signal back through time using the quantum intelligence of the Celestials. With the hope of a better tomorrow to come, Major Victory unleashed a huge psychokinetic blast, severing the Celestial Engine and ending the Badoon's stranglehold over the Earth's sun just as their reality was consumed.[1]


Powerful psychokinetic abilities allow him to project mental blasts of psychic energy at enemies.


Vance's body has been enhanced to perform at the peak of human physical performance. His strength, speed and endurance surpass the finest athletes.


Vance's costume can never be removed. If it is, he will quickly die from delayed aging.


A trained pilot and astronaut, Vance can fly almost any form of spaceship.


Captain America's Shield

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