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File:Vance Astro 001.gif

Vance Astro

Real name Major Vance Astrovik
Alias: Major Victory


Group Affiliations Guardians of the Galaxy
Marital Status Engaged
Base of Operations the starship Captain America II


Origin Major Victory is a mutant, born with his special powers. However, his life turned out much differently than Justice's did.


Major Astro was assigned for a special mission to help colonize Alpha Centauri. When his ship was found centuries later, Earth had already colonized the other planets in the Sol System. The Badoon soon attacked and Vance found himself attempting to escape with Yondu. They were captured and sent to the enslaved Earth. However, they escaped and Vance found himself leading a group of fellow adventurers...the Guardians of the Galaxy.

After his suit was punctured by Dargonite rounds, he sought a replacement. On one journey, he found a symbiote replacement (in 616 this same symbiote would be found by Spider-Man and eventually become Venom, but there was never a Secret Wars in Vance's time and the symbiote never seemed to bother him.) He was eventually cured from his wounds by Krugarr.

After traveling to the present, the Guardians were given honorary Avengers status.

While in the present, Vance attempted to convince his younger self to not take the same path he did. However, young Vance's mutant powers emerged during the meeting.

Vance also fell in love with and married Aleta, although her merging with Starhawk posed problems.


Powers: Psychokinesis. Originally Vance could only fire blasts, but he has learned to control his powers enough to slow descent and move objects without causing harm as well. The symbiote he found was similar to Venom.


Weapons: Vance found Captain America's Shield
Equipment: Vance originally wore a special Adamantium spacesuit designed to protect him during his journey. Later on his symbiote enabled him to survive without using the suit.


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