Vance Coburn was a Nazi spy that was active during World War II. By early 1943 Coburn had managed to get a position as an employee of the British Embassy in Sweden. When Doris Horton (nice of inventor Phineas Horton)was entrusted with a list of Nazi spies that she was to smuggle into the Untied States in a pearl necklace, Coburn was sent with her, as officials were unaware of his true standing.

As part of the plan, Doris was transported into the states separately and Coburn traveled with a decoy with a fake necklace to meet with the Human Torch, Phineas Horton's creation who was charged with meeting with them. When the decoy of Doris was gunned down and the Torch chasing her killers, Coburn pocketed the pearl necklace thinking that it was the real one. However he soon learned this was not true as he soon was brought to the real Doris Horton who was wearing the real necklace.

When some of his Coburn's fellow operatives attempted to kidnap Doris and failed due to the intervention of the Human Torch and his partner Toro, Coburn decided to take matters into his own hands. However, he acted too slowly, as before he could shoot Phineas and his niece and steal the necklace, the Torch and Toro returned and caught him red handed. They defeated Coburn whom they learned was a spy when they reviewed the list in Doris' necklace. Coburn was turned over to the authorities.

His subsequent fate is unknown.


Coburn carried a pistol.

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