Sister Carlysle was sent to spy on the Human settlement in Booth Bay Harbor, Maine. From there she confirmed the rumors of the Great Sentinel Airlift.[1]

The Brotherhood of Chaos then sent Vanessa Carlysle and Madison Jeffries to sneak aboard the Airlift and be sent to England with the Refugees. Despite the X-Men's effort to stop them, Vanessa and Jeffries managed to conceal themselves among the Refugees and reached Bristol, England.[2]

Upon arriving near Bristol, Jeffries' body set off the weapons detectors. He and Vanessa then took up arms and started shooting the recently evacuated humans. Jean Grey and Weapon X were on the scene when they started killing. Angered from seeing the body of a dead child, Jean Grey used her telekinesis to kill Vanessa Carlysle.[3]


Copycat is an Alpha[4] mutant, granting her with the following powers: Copycat is such a powerful and precise metamorph that she can duplicate another being's appearance down to the cellular level. Because of this she can replicate superhuman powers, abilities, and even mental imprints so closely that telepaths have trouble identifying her.


As a side effect of her copying brain patterns, Copycat often deludes herself into believing herself to be the one she is copying.

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