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Quote1 I used t'love him... An' he used t'love me... So even a bad seed who turns into a rotten tree... Can still have... A good leaf or two... Quote2


Early Life[]

Vanessa Carlysle, a native of New Brunswick, New Jersey, was born to Burt and Dorothy Carlysle. Blessed with the mutant ability to shapeshift into anyone, she found herself ensnared in the murky world of prostitution in Boston, Massachusetts.[5]


However, her life took a turn when she crossed paths with a young mercenary named Wade Wilson. Their love blossomed, but it was tragically short-lived.[6] Vanessa found herself in danger from Wilson's vengeful employers, only to be rescued by Zoe Culloden, a time-traveling agent of Landau, Luckman & Lake. Zoe had journeyed into the past to prevent Wilson's eventual descent into Deadpool.[5] That fateful night, Wilson ended their relationship upon discovering his cancer diagnosis, leaving Vanessa utterly devastated.[7]


X-Force Vol 1 4 Bonus Pinup

Infiltrating X-Force disguised as Domino

Vanessa became a mercenary herself, eventually employed by arms dealer Tolliver, who had her impersonate the mercenary Domino so as to spy on Cable.[citation needed]

Vanessa, masquerading as Domino, neutralized Deadpool, who had been dispatched to eliminate Cable. She swiftly pierced him in the back with three knives. Cable warmly greeted "Domino," recognizing his old ally. Updating her on the New Mutants' team status, Cable disclosed that several pivotal members had departed, yet he remained undeterred, harboring plans for incoming recruits. Additionally, he casually remarked that he had "returned" Deadpool to Tolliver.[8] At the New Mutants bunker "Domino", Cable and Boom-Boom discussed Rictor's departure. Suddenly, Cannonball burst in, urging them to search for Rictor, but Cable declined. Cannonball and Boom-Boom resolved to pursue Rictor on their own, bidding farewell to Sunspot. Proudstar then entered, revealing the devastation wrought by the Hellfire Club on his village and asking for assistance in their mutual struggles.[9] The New Mutants encounter a mysterious warrior in the Danger Room, leading to a fierce battle ultimately won by Cable. The warrior, Shatterstar, reveals a mission from the future before they're attacked by Imperial Protectorates, swiftly defeated. Meanwhile, Feral seeks refuge from pursuers in the team's midst, ultimately gaining their trust. Cable proposes relocation for safety, enlisting the help of Shatterstar, Warpath (formerly Proudstar), and Feral, forming a new team called X-Force.[10]

"Domino" and Cable's new X-Force team planned to confront the Alliance of Evil and uncover their motives. The IDIC Corporation, behind the Alliance's actions, pursues a mysterious energy absorption project with implications for A.I.M. and Genetech. X-Force clashed with the Alliance at Niagara Falls, defeating them, but Piecemeal and Harness escapes after absorbing more energy. Cable leads X-Force to Genetech HQ, anticipating a significant mission, only to encounter unexpected adversaries—the [New Warriors. A showdown between the two teams ensued.[11] The continued the battled against Alliance of Evil taking on Harness and Piecemeal but they escaped.[12] "Domino" with X-Force and the New Warriors warn Muir Island about Proteus's return but are attacked by Moira's Shadow King-possessed X-Men. Moira surrendered and helped them. Meanwhile, Harness and Piecemeal try to revive Proteus in Edinburgh. The heroes split up to stop them. One team defeats Harness, uncovering her identity. The other team fails to stop Piecemeal, who revealed Harness as his mother before exploding into the energy of Proteus's revival.[13] "Domino" and X-Force teamed up with X-Factor in Edinburgh. They find the city transformed into geometric shapes by Proteus. Despite their efforts, Proteus easily defeated them, revealing immunity to metal. In a desperate move, they enter Proteus' mind, experiencing emptiness. Back in reality, they consider two options: encasing Proteus in a biomechanical shell or persuading him to end his life. Despite Cable's objections, Moira convinces Proteus to choose the latter, and his energy disperses. Toad and Gideon confess their motives for resurrecting Proteus, celebrating their reign as the Kings of Pain.[14]


"Domino" and X-Force infiltrate a Mutant Liberation Front base in Antarctica to locate and apprehend Stryfe. As they search for him, MLF members ambush them, initiating a fierce confrontation. Shatterstar confronts Reaper, severing his left hand to demonstrate their determination. Cable is seized by Forearm, prompting Warpath to intervene and assist him.[15]

Spider-Man encounters Juggernaut and Warpath of X-Force in battle. He intervenes, knowing his experience with Juggernaut. As the clash continues, Cable directs X-Force including "Domino" to confront Juggernaut while he searches for Black Tom. Amidst the chaos, Spider-Man, "Domino" X-Force team up, but Juggernaut's resilience poses a significant challenge. Despite setbacks, the heroes persevere, with Warpath's quick thinking allowing them to regroup and continue the fight.[16]

Deadpool breaks into the X-Force HQ, and takes out Shatterstar and Siryn. Deadpool launched into a brutal assault on "Domino", repeatedly referring to her as Vanessa. He reveals that she has been working as a mole for Tolliver and has been giving him trade secrets on the team but has stopped recently. They continued to fight and Deadpool threatened that she must start giving Tolliver what he wants or Tolliver will come after her and escaped.[17] Cable was willing to forgive her for her betrayal still thinking she is Domino, but the rest of the team is still not trusting. Cable finally comes up with a plan and it is to use Domino in a plot to get to Tolliver. Domino sits in front of a screen and talks to Tolliver. She explained that she has rigged the base to explode during a training session by X-Force and that they should all be killed in the explosion. Cable watched and plans to detonate the bomb to make Tolliver believe they are killed so that they can take the battle to him.[18] Cable orchestrated the destruction of the base to deceive Tolliver, making him believe X-Force is obliterated. With Tolliver unsuspecting, Cable and Domino launch a surprise attack on him.[19] However, Cable is shocked to find the real Domino held captive, unaware that the one he had been working with was Copycat.[20] As she later explained to the real Domino, the other members were unable to detect a difference because she was able to exactly duplicate Domino's appearance, personality, fingerprints, even DNA. Tolliver ultimately ordered Copycat to bomb X-Force's headquarters, but she had come to care for her teammates, and she stalled until Tolliver dispatched the masked mercenary Deadpool to force her hand. Confronted by X-Force over her betrayal, but still posing as Domino, Copycat helped them fight Tolliver. While Cable discovered the true Domino still alive as Tolliver's prisoner, Copycat was felled by Deadpool, though she managed to escape.[21]

Copycat, fearing repercussions from Tolliver and Deadpool, went into hiding at to place of her close friend, Tina Valentino.[22] After laying low for weeks, she decided to venture out one night masquerading as Tina's twin sister.[23] They head to a bar in Boston that resembled the famous Cheers. They both order a drink from Sam and drink with the rest of the gang.[24] Unfortunately, they encountered Deadpool, leading to a frantic escape. Tragically, Tina was fatally shot by her ex-boyfriend Sluggo during the chaos. Copycat fled while Sluggo informed Deadpool about Tolliver's will.[25] Back at Tina's residence, Copycat hastily tried to pack and leave town before Deadpool caught up with her. However, she was intercepted just in time by Domino, Hammer, and Grizzly. They swiftly neutralized Deadpool and Sluggo.[26] They questioned Copycat about where X-Force was located. Domino continued to be upset that Copycat was helping them at all since she destroyed Domino's life for more than a year while Tolliver held her prisoner and Vanessa posed as her. She grabbed a gun and shot Sluggo and Deadpool in the back again and then they all head off to find X-Force.[27]

Copycat, Grizzly, Hammer, and Domino, search for Cable and X-Force at their old Adirondack base, finding it buried under rocks. Despite no one inside, Copycat suggests using the base's equipment to track them. Hammer and his crew head to Camp Verde, Arizona, leaving Hammer in the Winnebago while the others search for X-Force. They encounter Cable, Kane, and Bridge instead. Copycat, posing as Domino, embraced Cable, who pushed her away in confusion. As they regroup, Hammer's Winnebago trapped Cable, shocking him until Kane intervened, revealing Cable's efforts to help Hammer walk again. Hammer refused the aid, valuing his humanity over becoming like Cable. The team decided to split up, with Copycat running off and Kane pursuing her, while Cable waited for X-Force. The former Six Pack members depart in the Winnebago.[28]

Life after X-Force[]

Vanessa Carlysle (Earth-616) from Cable Vol 1 4 0001

Copycat then became involved in the hunt for Tolliver's will, during which she was wounded by Slayback. Her injuries would have proved fatal, but she survived by copying Deadpool's healing factor.[29] Later, Copycat sought to live a peaceful life in San Francisco, California with Garrison Kane, but she soon encountered Deadpool again, an encounter which would have proven fatal had Wolverine not interfered in a timely manner.[4] She was subsequently captured and taken to the Microverse by the emotion-manipulating Psycho-Man, who sought Kane's advanced technology. She was rescued by Kane, Cable, Domino, and the Microverse's resident heroes, the Microns. Returning to Earth, Copycat finally made peace with Domino.[30]


Intent on exacting revenge on Deadpool, Taskmaster and the Wizard devised a cunning plan. They enlisted the aid of Copycat to masquerade as the formidable Titania. Her mission: to infiltrate Deadpool's inner circle and earn his trust. However, Deadpool proved to be more astute than they anticipated, eventually seeing through Copycat's clever ruse. The failed deception only served to escalate the tension between Deadpool and his adversaries.[31][32]

Weapon X and "Death"[]

Copycat went on to join the subversive Weapon X Project alongside Kane. She was forced to attend daily briefings along with the rest of the X recruits.[33] She was sent to recruit Deadpool into the program. However, her power enhancement by Weapon X began to affect her memory, and she lost track of her mission. Instead, she began seducing Deadpool, but ultimately ended their relationship over his infatuation with Siryn. She would often take the form of other women to surprise him.[34] Deadpool was subsequently recruited by the Weapon X Project to eliminate Copycat, but he refused and tried to warn her. Weapon X then sent Kane to kill both Copycat and Deadpool. Deadpool fought Kane on his own, but Copycat was mortally wounded at the Bronx Zoo in New York City by another Weapon X agent, Sabretooth. She died in Deadpool's arms.[35][36]


Wade, thinking he had saved Copycat's life, spiraled into a delusion where he believed he was married to a sock puppet resembling her. During a mission in San Antonio, sock puppet "Vanessa" was killed by Firebrand, leading Wade to finally accept her death, remarking that their relationship wouldn't have lasted anyway. Unbeknownst to him, Copycat had survived and briefly watched over him by posing as a chimichanga stand owner. Once she saw he was recovering, she left on her own path.[37]


Power Grid[39]
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Genetic Metamorph: Her mutant physiology gave her light blue skin, white hair, and luminescent red eyes. Able to duplicate another humanoid or near-humanoid so accurately that even those closest to them couldn't tell the difference. Unlike the shapeshifting abilities of Mystique, Copycat's morphing seemed to go to the genetic level, where she could reproduce powers as well. This ability actually functioned in a sponge-like way, meaning that Copycat would begin to mimic another person just by being near them, sometimes involuntarily. The extent of the transfer depended on the length of exposure. Her ability may have even allowed her to replicate her template's psi-patterns, allowing her to become a person, having their exact personality, memories, and life force. Her abilities also allow her to enhance her own physical body, allowing her to grow her nails into claws, and decelerate her aging. She can also create her own avatars through her shapeshifting, virtually becoming a whole new person. Her abilities go so far as to create organic and genetic clothing to go with her alternate persona, making her one of the most powerful shapeshifting metamorphs alive.

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