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Vanessa Fisk was the late wife of Wilson Fisk. Some time prior to the death of Spider-Man, she met and fell in love with Wilson Fisk, eventually marrying him and having a son with him named Richard. Unbeknownst to Vanessa and Richard however, Wilson was the crime lord Kingpin, whose criminal activities made him a recurring enemy of Spider-Man.

One day, Spider-Man broke into the Fisk residence to fight Wilson. During their battle, Vanessa and Richard saw Kingpin and Spider-Man fighting and first witnessed the brutal side of Wilson Fisk. Horrified by what they saw, Vanessa fled with Richard and attempted to leave Wilson. Unfortunately, in their hasty retreat by car, Vanessa did not notice an oncoming truck. The truck hit her car, killing Vanessa and her son. Wilson, devastated by the loss, would subsequently begin constructing a super-collider to access other universes in the hopes of finding versions of Vanessa and Richard who were still alive.[1]

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