Quote1.png My husband had done things that have sickened me beyond words -- and yet I know a side of him that no one else does -- a tenderness... a gentle spirit... that he hides from all eyes but mine. Quote2.png
-- Vanessa Fisk src


Vanessa Fisk seemingly had a similar history as her Earth-616 counterpart. She was the wife of the Kingpin and she briefly separated from him because of his criminal activities. She exiled herself to Paris, where the League of Assassins exposed her to synthetic cancer. She returned home to spend her final days with her husband. Wilson's business associate, Talia Head revealed herself as an League of Assassin operative and offered a criminal partnership in exchange for curing Vanessa, unaware he knew the League was behind the illness. He ended up sabotaging their plans and outing their base in retaliation for Vanessa's illness and despite being impressed by the Kingpin, their leader Ra's al Ghul revealed that the cure was a ruse. Wilson and Vanessa returned home heartbroken, but luckily, Ra's nemesis Batman was able to develop a cure for her.[1]


Seemingly those of the Vanessa Fisk of Earth-616.

  • Vanessa was christian.[1]

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