Little is known of Vanessa's past, other than she married Wilson Fisk at one point. Wilson maintained a facade toward Vanessa, intent on keeping her oblivious to his criminal activities as the Kingpin. In spite of this, Vanessa had suspicions about her husband's activities but could never confirm them. However, when Kingpin ordered the kidnapping of Mary Jane Watson in retaliation for Peter Parker's intent on outing Fisk's criminal activities, Peter met with Vanessa and confirmed her suspicions. Vanessa eventually worked with Spider-Man to confront Kingpin and get Mary Jane to safety. As Spider-Man freed Mary Jane, Vanessa and Wilson fled New York. Vanessa believed that Wilson truly gave up crime, but Wilson secretly vowed to return to New York to continue his reign as the Kingpin and destroy Spider-Man.[1]

When the universe was destroyed, Vanessa died along the other people in Earth.[2]

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