Vanessa Simmonds was a lowly mob moll who was given enhanced strength and durability by evil scientists DoctOrangutan and the unseen Dr. Anarchy as an attempt to use Fight Man's code against hitting women against him and thereby creating a foe he couldn't defeat. She won her first fight against him as he refused to fight back and ran away, but her unstable powers later waned and the police apprehended her.[1]

She returned as a member of the All-Hate Squad, assigned to collect the Hooded Eye's $10,000,000 bounty on Fight Man at the behest of Mister Kill. She did well at first due to Fight Man's "honorable" code, until he drew a goatee on her with a marker, proclaimed her "Fisticuff-Man," and punched her lights out.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced durability


Fisticuff-Woman was given a brief backstory and description of her powers on Evan Dorkin's tumblr, where he published the notes on Fight-Man's supporting cast that he gave to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe writers.

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