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Vanguard was the name of a secret black-ops team of superheroes that carried out missions, including assassinations, on foreign soil.

During one mission, Micromax was captured by Jaafar Yoosuf and was forced to tell him about Vanguard and their most powerful operative, Colonel America (Trenton Craft). Yoosuf used his powers of body-possession to cause police detective, Stacy Dolan to murder Craft.[1] Her investigation leads to her own arrest, but survives a failed assassination attempt by Vanguard operative, Dominic Fortune.[2]

Dolan discovers the entire Vanguard team and convinces them that she is innocent by exposing Yoosuf, who is summarily killed by Blade.[3] Craft arrives at their facility to reveal that his telekinetic powers allowed him to survive his murder and autopsy, but that he has to destroy Dolan and the entire roster to preserve the secret identity of Vanguard.[4]

The Vanguard members survive thanks to the intervention of Retcon whose powers allowed Craft to think he had killed them, but they are all forced to go into hiding. Later, Craft has redonned his uniform as Colonel America and completed another mission, talking to his handler and referring to a new, male-version of Retcon, who presumably has similar powers.[5]

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