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The Vanir were one of the people of Nordheim during the Hyborian Age. Along with the Aesir, they formed the Nordheimr.

They were typified by light skin, blue eyes and red hair.[10] They were considered a race of barbarians.[10]



The Vanir were probably descendants of the people of the pre-Cataclysmic kingdom of Thule,[4] as were the Aesir.[11]

Hyborian Age

2,500 years after the Lesser Cataclysm, the Nordics (Aesir and Vanir) drove all the remaining Hyborian tribes out of all the snow-countries, save for Hyperborea. Their land was known as Nordheim,[10] the Vanir living in Vanaheim, the western part of it.[2]

9,500 BC

500 years after the Age of Conan, the north was the theater of constant bickering between the Cimmerians, the Bossonians, the Picts and the Nordheimr.[12]

Vanir adventurers came to Stygia, where they overthrew the ruling class building a vast southern empire which they called Egypt. The early Pharaohs boasted to descend from them.[13]


After the Post-Hyborian Cataclysm, the northern[4] Vanir, one of the variations among the Sons of Aryas (or Aryans), descended into the Danes.[13]



In peacetime, the Vanir pursued the regular activities of most other nations. They hunted and foraged for for food, and fished in the waters of the Western Ocean. While they had ships, they seldom ventured far from their own coasts.[citation needed]


The main deity of this culture was Ymir.[2] At least some of them despised the southern gods, deemed weak, in contrast to Ymir.

The Vanir believed that all men were rewarded at the moment of their death by being welcomed at Ymir's table in the Great Halls.[14]

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