Described as a path between time and space,[1] the Vanishing Point was discovered by Aloysius Thorndrake in 1856 while chasing rogue Union soldier John Steele, who stumbled upon a portal to it. The Vanishing Point connected Texas to another portal in Mars.[2][3]

Vanishing Point from Secret Avengers Vol 1 2 001

Portal to the Vanishing Point

This pathway between Earth and Mars was used by the Shadow Council until modern times, establishing two bases of operations in each end. They even made a deal with Roxxon to let them use the portal to explore Mars and establish a mining operation.

While the Secret Avengers were investigating Roxxon's operations on the red planet, Ant-Man found the Shadow Council's citadel nearby, and was accidentally swallowed by the portal.[4] He went through the Vanishing Point and appeared moments later in the Shadow Council's base in Texas.[2] Ant-Man then followed a squad of Shadow Council suicide bombers back into the Vanishing Point. When the soldiers noticed his presence, Ant-Man shot them with an energy blast, causing a chain reaction that detonated their suits and destroyed the two citadels at the end of each portal right before he exited it, seemingly causing the Vanishing Point to collapse.[5]

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