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When S.H.I.E.L.D. assisted Hawkeye and his allies, Red Wolf and Tilda Johnson, after they had fended off a long-lost secret S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker from where a terrorist group tried to steal LMD materials, Hawkeye convinced Agent Nick Fury to let him and his team keep a S.H.I.E.L.D. van for transport.[2] Impressed by the van's level of technology, Hawkeye dubbed it "Vantastic."

Vantastic from Occupy Avengers Vol 1 7 003

Combat systems

In the middle of their continuing road trip, the Vantastic gradually broke down as its sentient operating system became tired of Clint,[1] forcing the heroes to get it towed to the nearest town, Dungston, Iowa, and wait for a specialized mechanic, Nico 'Wheels' Wolinski, to come and fix it. In a turn of events, Hawkeye and his allies became caught in the middle of a conflict between Skrull bounty hunters and the dissident Skrulls that inhabited the town.[3] When the van's A.I. detected hostiles in the area, it revealed its sentience to Wheels, and encouraged him to connect with it to manually control the Vantastic's combat systems.[4] After a wait of several minutes during which the van recalibrated its neural link with Wheels, it turned into a mecha that managed to defeat the Super-Skrull leader of the unit, causing a distraction that allowed Hawkeye and his allies to fight back against the remaining hostiles.[1]

Vantastic from Occupy Avengers Vol 1 7 001

Inside the Vantastic


The Vantastic is a technologically sophisticated van equipped with an A.I. operating system, combat programming, both automated and piloted through a neural link with its driver, and sensors. The van contains a spatial modulation field, which makes it bigger on the inside. It also possesses the ability to generate its own fuel source.[1]


  • The Vantastic's A.I. is not self-aware, nor does it know what does that mean.[4]

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