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When S.H.I.E.L.D. assisted Hawkeye and his allies, Red Wolf and Tilda Johnson, after they had fended off a long-lost secret S.H.I.E.L.D. bunker from where a terrorist group tried to steal LMD materials, Hawkeye convinced Agent Nick Fury to let him and his team keep a S.H.I.E.L.D. van for transport.[2] Impressed by the van's level of technology, Hawkeye dubbed it "Vantastic."

Combat systems

In the middle of their continuing road trip, the Vantastic gradually broke down as its sentient operating system became tired of Clint,[1] forcing the heroes to get it towed to the nearest town, Dungston, Iowa, and wait for a specialized mechanic, Nico 'Wheels' Wolinski, to come and fix it. In a turn of events, Hawkeye and his allies became caught in the middle of a conflict between Skrull bounty hunters and the dissident Skrulls that inhabited the town.[3] When the van's A.I. detected hostiles in the area, it revealed its sentience to Wheels, and encouraged him to connect with it to manually control the Vantastic's combat systems.[4] After a wait of several minutes during which the van recalibrated its neural link with Wheels, it turned into a mecha that managed to defeat the Super-Skrull leader of the unit, causing a distraction that allowed Hawkeye and his allies to fight back against the remaining hostiles.[1]

Inside the Vantastic


The Vantastic is a technologically sophisticated van equipped with an A.I. operating system, combat programming, both automated and piloted through a neural link with its driver, and sensors. The van contains a spatial modulation field, which makes it bigger on the inside. It also possesses the ability to generate its own fuel source.[1]


  • The Vantastic's A.I. is not self-aware, nor does it know what does that mean.[4]

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