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The Vanyan are a race of creatures that resemble gorillas with black skin, white fur, and horns. They were one of the several species that comprised the Originators of Wakanda, the group of species that inhabited the land before men pilgrimaged. Both cultures originally co-existed peacefully, until conflict broke out when the humans started abusing the resources of the land. The Originators routed the humans, but as a result, the Gods of Wakanda came to existence from the heroes of these people. The Gods of Wakanda and the humans then fought back and banished the Originators to the Nether-Realms.[1]

Centuries later, the Vanyan were among the Originators that invaded modern-day Wakanda through a series of mysterious portals. They appeared in the mountains of the Jabari-Lands.

The Dora Milaje held them off until the arrival of the Black Panther, Shuri and Zawavari. The Vanyan vanished when Zawavari closed off the portal they were coming from.[2]

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