Vanza is apparently a member of the Venusian race, a race of beings that claim to live on the planet Venus. In the year 1925, their planet was visited by American mobster George Mulford who escaped American authorities in a stolen spaceship. Mulford was welcomed by Vanza's people and they were taught how to speak English. With a group of Venusian criminals, he helped break out of prison. Mulford forced Vanza to accompany him back to Earth in the year 1945, promising to make them rich so they can live in America.

They arrived in the island nation of Barbuda and began attacking its people, slaughtering many for the purposes of stealing the island's entire wealth for their trip to America. Vanza wanted nothing to do with Mulford's plans and fled their secret hideout. As she swam through the ocean, she got caught up in the fishing line of a local fisherman and was rescued by the Sub-Mariner who was attempting to stop Mulford and his minions from killing innocent people. Vanza explained Mulford's origins, and she then brought Namor to the Venusian's secret hideout. There, Namor and Vanza were overpowered by Mulford's minions. Before Mulford could slay Namor, the Atlantean monarch broke free, and then tossed Mulford, impaling him on a stalagmite. Namor then rescued a young boy captured by Mulford and escaped with Vanza after setting off a number of the Venusian explosives. The cave exploded, killing all the Venusians inside and destroying their ship.

With the death of her captors, Vanza parted company from Namor.[1] Her subsequent activities are unknown.


Vanza is amphibious and is able to breathe underwater and on dry land for an indefinite period of time.

Vanza does not specify that she is a member of the same race of Venusians that she is accompanying. Interestingly, she has similar abilities to Queen Jarna another woman claiming to be from the planet Venus, who also did not have similar characteristics to the race she ruled over (the Lavorites). Although speculative at best, Vanza and Jarna may be from a third, and yet unnamed race found on Venus. Kor[2] could be a Venusian.

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