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Vashti was an Atlantean peasant and son to Nereus.[1] When Prince Namor was forced from the throne, he continued to honor and believe in Namor, giving the deposed prince the will to regain his title.[3] Once Namor ruled Atlantis again, he rewarded Vashti's loyalty by naming him Grand Vizier.[4]

Vashti always put the welfare of the realm first, even above his friendship with Namor. On more than one occasion, he has compelled Namor to leave or abdicate the throne for the good of Atlantis.[5][6]

Powers and Abilities


Lord Vashti possesses the conventional attributes of Homo mermanus: gills that extract oxygen from water, superhuman physiology to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and acute vision. He can swim at approximately 30 miles per hour. He can remain out of water for approximately nine minutes before beginning to suffocate. However, he can operate on the surface by wearing a water-filled helmet or using a chemical that enables him to draw oxygen from the air.

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