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Vassily Khandruvitch was a Russian scientist who discovered the means to transform human beings into pure elemental constructs. He lost control of his subjects, though, and they rebelled.[1] The original "Elements of Doom" were defeated by the Avengers.[2]

Afterwards, the state lost faith in Khandruvitch's abilities and he was assigned only menial labor. He eventually fled to America and acquired the resources needed to recreate the Elements of Doom. This time, Khandruvitch forged pure elemental beings without human hosts, expecting they would be more loyal this way. He had the Elements of Doom stage a series of attacks in and around New York, hoping to attract criminal backers.[1]

However, these Elements of Doom were just as treacherous as the originals, and they turned on Khandruvitch. The Elements wanted their creator to use his original process to change people into elemental-drones who would serve under the superior pure elements. Vasily was forced to work with Songbird and the Thunderbolts, creating a destabilization ray that broke down his traitorous experiments.[3]

Khandruvitch was imprisoned after the incident in New York. He had learned his lesson about the Elements of Doom, and refused to assist Advanced Idea Mechanics in recreating them when A.I.M. holographically contacted him in his cell. The terrorist group went ahead reconstructing his work without him, and sent one of the Elements to silence him permanently. Captain America and Jack of Hearts of the Avengers were already on their way to consult with Khandruvitch about the resurgent Elements of Doom when Platinum attacked. Cap spoke to Vasily, who eagerly shared the blueprints of his destabilization beam so the Avengers could stop these new Elements as well.[4]


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