When the spoor of a mysterious lunar object which was recovered by the astronauts of the Icarus One made its way to the general population, Zeldow was one of those unfortunate enough to be compatible with it. Becoming a giant furry superhuman with the power of flight, and going by Wolf, Zeldow came into conflict with Mangog, another superhuman. Exhausted by the conflict, Zeldow passed out, but when, upon awakening, he was confronted by Dr. Emil Burbank, who tried to convince him to work for both their benefit, Zeldow transformed back and scared away the mastermind.

Zeldow's next contact with superhumans was during Hyperion's attempt to overthrow the American government. Through his efforts, a team of superhumans friendly to Nick Fury was alerted and fought back. He later went to the Middle East to fight a group of superhuman terrorists, but lost his abilities through unknown circumstances.


Upon a given cue, Callahan is transformed into Wolf, Ruler of the Winds, a massive aerokinetic strongman with fur covering his body. Wolf has a well-developed ego, claiming certain areas as "sacred" to himself.


Vaughn Zeldow is a trained psychotherapist

  • As Wolf, Zeldow, can control wind well enough for him to fly.
  • In both forms, he has a "spirit" that gives him special insights - he was able to detect the evil intentions of Emil Burbank and foresee Hyperion's coup

Strength level

Although Wolf's strength is unknown, it is sufficient for him to almost match Hyperion.


  • Wolf's powers only last for as long as he can sustain. As soon as he runs out of energy, he reverts to his normal human form.
  • Wolf may himself be susceptible to wordplay and other forms of mental manipulation

  • Wolf, Ruler of the Winds is heavily based on the Thor character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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