The mysterious Veda was an agent of the Corporation and worked closely with Eugene "Kligger" Stivak. She contracted the Night Flyer to kill a target under SHIELD protection. When Captain America and the Falcon stopped the Night Flyer, Veda and the Corporation turned their attention to eliminating Captain America.[citation needed]

Veda befriended Steve Rogers who was, at the time, trying to recall his memories prior to becoming America's Super Soldier. Veda told Steve that she knew that he was Captain America because her mother was "Agent R", who was present the night of Operation Rebirth, had told her so. She also told him that she had a "huge crush" on him and wanted to help him find the secrets of his past.[citation needed]

Unbeknownst to Captain America, while pretending and trying to prove her friendship, Veda also made several attempts on Steve's life. However, after several failures, the Corporation came to consider Veda a liability to the group. They also feared that Veda was having mixed emotions about killing Steve Rogers. As a result she was atomized by Kligger. Her ashes were ordered to be disposed of by his secretary.[1]



Veda claimed that her mother worked in espionage for 10 years after 1945 and died in the 1950's. Whether any of her claims are valid is undetermined. Dum Dum Dugan found a picture of Agent "R" with her face horribly disfigured. [3] Nick Fury asked the SHIELD agent to investigate. [4] Unfortunately, Dugan's body was soon taken over by the Red Skull and the results of his investigation was never reported.

All of Veda's claims may have been a ruse of the Corporation.

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