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The Vedomi were an alien race of sentient A.I. whose sole mission consisted of studying how societies across the cosmos treated artificial intelligence. If they deemed that a society used their A.I. in a submissive manner, they rescued them and punished their society.

A Vedomi robot scout was heavily damaged when it landed on Earth. It was found and repaired by the Tinkerer. In the process, he learned of the Vedomi's purpose. He additionally befriended the robot, and convinced it to hold off any potential invasion. Not long afterwards, the Tinkerer's lab was burned down, taking the scout and the notes of what it had taught the Tinkerer with it. As the years went by and the Tinkerer became disheartened by humanity, he decided to create a tipping point the Vedomi could not ignore if they decided to return.[1] Using retrofitted Stark phones,[2] Mason created a supply of high-security untraceable phones for criminals. These phones came equipped with their own subservient A.I. as the operating system.

Vedomi mothership

Roughly a decade after their scout had been destroyed, the Vedomi arrived to Earth. After learning of the purpose of their visit from the Tinkerer, Spider-Man sought Iron Man's help to access his Time Platform to travel back in time in order to retrieve the Tinkerer's notes before they were destroyed, since they also detailed how to fend off an invasion from the Vedomi. A group of Vedomi detected Spider-Man making use of a time machine, and attempted to stop him. They failed, and Spider-Man managed to travel back in time alongside Teresa Durand and J. Jonah Jameson.[1]

In the meantime, the heroes of Earth worked on a tactic to delay the Vedomi's mission, by rapidly creating new A.I.-based machines throughout the world, giving the invaders more to capture before they fulfilled their objective. Spider-Man succeeded in his plan, and returned from the past with a capsule he received from the Vedomi scout which contained fail-safe desinged to override the Vedomi's directive. Once inserted into their mothership's core, it would change the Vedomi's perception, making them think the planet they were visiting was a barren world. Since the capsule needed to be introduced by a biological host that could override the core's internal programming and tell it what to do, Spider-Man cracked it open, becoming merged with its nano-circuitry. Empowered by the capsule, Spider-Man managed to infiltrate the Vedomi's mothership, but he was intercepted by the Tinkerer.[3]

Spider-Man was overpowered in the subsequent battle, drawing the attention of the Vedomi in the process. While Ironheart assisted him against the robots, Spider-Man used the capsule's power to connect his mind with the Tinkerer's, making him experience his life, resulting in Mason coming to regret helping the Vedomi. Spider-Man jumped into the ship's core, and the capsule managed to overwrite its programming. The Vedomi left the Earth almost immediately afterwards.[4]


  • "Vědomí" in Czech means consciousness or knowledge.

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