The Vegans were thirty foot tall humanoids that lived on the planet Vega Superior in the Vega System. The Vegans sent one of their people, dubbed Agent 7M on a mission to potentially conquer the Earth. Trapped on a mountain in the Bora-Buru region of Africa, he was worshiped as a God. He was investigated by Giant-Man and his partner the Wasp. When Agent 7M, dubbed "The Colossus," attacked them, they easily defeated him and he fled back to his homeworld to warn his people to cancel their invasion plans for Earth.[1]

Alternate Realities


Vegans of Earth-5391

In Earth-5391, Vegans were green skinned aliens that grew to roughly a similar size as humans. They resided on the planet Vega in a universe where Earth space exploration and technology boomed in the late 20th Century. Seeking to take over the Earth, the Vegans tricked Space Sentinel leader Speed Carter and his girlfriend Stellar Stone to come to their homeworld under the false pretense that they were seeking to join the United Planets. They then kidnapped Stellar and used her as a hostage to force Speed to bring them plans for Earth's defenses. Speed pretended to betray his comrades but secretly altered the map of defenses and freed himself and Stellar as the Vegans attempted to attack the Earth and where annihilated instead.[2] It is unknown if there are any surviving Vegans.


Habitat: Earth-616: 76% of surface covered by water, mostly semi-tropical
Gravity: Earth-616: 130% Earth standard
Atmosphere: Earth-616: 72% nitrogen, 23% oxygen
Population: Earth-616: 5.3 billion


Type of Government: Earth-616: Empire of planets throughout Vega solar system governed by the world-wide republic on Vega Superior
Level of Technology: Earth-616: Moderately advanced with primitive warp driven starships
Cultural Traits: Earth-616: Cowardly
Representatives: Earth-616:

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