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Vegas was born a twin, with a fraternal twin sister. Throughout his life he was able to get what he wanted through charm and subtle manipulation, often times without considering his actions. Vegas became involved in criminal activity and spent time in prison, during this time he became somewhat estranged from his sister Jane. After being released from jail he became involved with Rose Red and through her the Renegades, a criminal gang consisting of people with superhuman abilities.[1]

Vegas led the Renegades to his sister who was working on a machine that could manipulate probability, a firefight broke out and the machine was destroyed. Vegas began looking for the Renegades who he believed had killed his sister and met a Texas Ranger named Harlan Stone who was also interested in finding the gang. Vegas soon began to understand that the destruction of the machine had imbued him with its power, a fact that worried him greatly as innocent people around him were getting hurt so that he himself wouldn't. After managing to take down one of the renegades, a fireproof arsonist calling himself the Padre, Vegas learned that his sister had survived the accident that empowered him and was being held by the Renegades. Harlan Stone pulled strings to make Vegas a legitimate bounty hunter and provide him with the necessary tools to aid him in his hunt for the Renegades.[1]

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Vegas was exposed to energy from a probability manipulation machine which gave him the ability to transfer good luck from other people to himself and store it until he needed to use, after using it the person whose luck he drained would then experience bad luck simultaneously of a level similar to what happened to him.[1]

After taking luck from a person Vegas would often see a vision of the bad luck they would then encounter before it came to be, this allowed him on one occasion to choose not to act when he foresaw a woman being shot when he himself avoided a bullet.[2]

His power saved him from a collapsing building which led a woman to suffer a bad car accident, another woman had her car suddenly burst into flame just as she was approaching it at the same time Vegas conveniently found handcuff keys to escape burning vehicle of his own.[1]


Vegas has a criminal history which has given him knowledge of street level criminal activities such as hot wiring cars.[1]


Vegas has no reliable control over when he drains luck from someone or when that luck will then be used to help him.[1]

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