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Velasquesa was a Brazilian criminal who was active in the late 1940s. In 1946 he sought to obtain a sun ray design for his own criminal dealings making a deal to buy it from Elise Winters for $100,000.[1] However, the costumed hero Miss America, disguised as Elise went to the sale disguised as Elise after the formula (really a fake) was stolen by former Nazi operative Rex Herr.[2] At the meeting place, Miss America managed to get the drop on Velasquesa and his men and attempted to apprehend them. However, Velasquesa and his men started a fire in the meeting place threatening a young cleaning woman. The crooks managed to escape while Miss America was busy saving the young girl.[3] Eventually, Miss America had tracked down Velasquesa to learn where the location of the formula was when the fake was discovered. When they had no answers for her she then fled and they were then confronted by Rex Herr and his men who then hired Velasquesa for $50,000 to locate the formula for him.[4] Soon, Velasquesa was contacted by Mary Varnheim, Elise's sister, who offered to sell the formula to him for $100,000 as well. Discovering that Elise was listening in on his phone conversation, Velasquesa attacked her and in the struggle he was knocked down a flight of stairs. Landing head first at the bottom, Velasquesa's neck broke killing him instantly.[5] Eventually, Miss America recovered the formula and turned it over to the American authorities.[6]

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