The therianthropic death god of the pantheon of Slavic gods known as the Dievas, Veles was the son of the powerful Svarog, the god of the sun & sky. When Svarog granted portions of his power to each of his children, Perun, the rugged and boisterous thunder god (and Veles' brother), usurped the largest share of power in an attempt to gain his father's favor. Perun was eventually challenged by Veles, who kidnapped Perun's wife Saule, the sun goddess. Perun chased Veles into his underworld realm of Virey; although Veles transformed into a dragon and attacked his pursuer, he was ultimately defeated by Perun.[2]


Presumably the certain superhuman physical attributes of conventional Dievas, including true immortality, immunity to disease, superhuman strength, regeneration etc.

Veles can also transform himself into a dragon.[2]

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