Veltri was a Cotati mage who took part in the Empyre's invasion of Earth.

Veltri was a mage of the Cotati Empyre who took part in the invasion of the Savage Land. They defeated Shanna and Matthew Plunder, before acquiring control of Shanna and Man-Thing due to their bond with nature. They then set a trap for anyone who might arrive and attacked the team of Ka-Zar along with Black Knight, Doctor Voodoo, Scarlet Witch and Zabu when they came to investigate. As the Cotati started losing the fight, he learned that Man-Thing was ready to be deployed and hinted about this to his enemies. After the defeat of Earth's heroes, he was restrained from killing Ka-Zar by Shanna, who stated that she wanted to kill him herself.[1]

Scarlet Witch and Ka-Zar later worked on freeing Shana from their control, while Doctor Voodoo freed the imprisoned Black Knight, Matthew Plunder and Zabu by taking control of Man-Thing. As the others fought the Cotati, Ka-Zar was able to free Shanna, but was soon stabbed through his chest by one of the soldiers.[2] As Shanna destroyed Ka-Zar's would-be killer in anger, the Scarlet Witch knocked out Ventri. Kevin was revived by the waters imbued with the spirit of Savage Land, which had recognized the Cotati as a threat and sent a group of dinosaurs to fight them. The Cotati were thus forced to surrender and imprisoned by Doctor Voodoo.[3]

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