Vendhya, on the Hyborian coasts of the Southern Ocean, was an ancient kingdom with a tropical climate. Its reputation among foreigners rested on the fabled wealth of its royalty, on the fierce Vendhyan tigers, and upon its tradable goods.[2] Vendhya traded in gold, gemstones, exotic fruit and flowers, silks, spices, drugs, perfumes, and cosmetics.[2]

The city of Ayodhya served as the seat of power for the reigning dynasty. Both men and women were eligible for the throne, and several Devis had risen to the throne. Royal power actually rested on the continued loyalty of a warrior nobility, the Kshatriya.[2] The main religion was worship of Asura, and its priests swore loyalty to the throne.[2]

The land way towards Hyrkania passed through the Himelian Mountains, which were only partly controlled by Vendhya. To the east lay the independent kingdom of Kambuja and its capital Angkjor. Also nearby was another independent kingdom, the mysterious Uttara Kuru. To the west of Vendhya was another rival, Kosala, but the Vendhyan royalty merely dreamt of expanding into those lands.[2]

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