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Quote1.png I think I get it now. It's a never-ending battle, isn't it...? Trapped here...forever... Quote2.png
Miss America

Appearing in "The Twelfth Hour"

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  • Son of Satan's chariot

Synopsis for "The Twelfth Hour"

Miss America arrives in the sixth dimension and encounters Tiboro. Tiboro tries to kill her but Miss America proves to be resistant. Exhausted from the battle, Miss America realizes this is a neverending battle.

Solicit Synopsis

RED SKULL HAS HIS VENGEANCE! Stuck behind enemy lines, the Ultimate Nullifier uncovers a deadly secret dating back to Johann Schmidt's vilest days in World War Two! Meanwhile, the In-Betweener returns and the Teen Brigade discovers it must stop an assassination - one that will alter the course of Marvel History forever! Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta continue this summer's surprise smash hit!

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